Bem-vindo à minha caixinha de sentimentos! 

Como dito na página inicial, algumas postagens estão em inglês e não serão traduzidas com o objetivo de preservar o conteúdo original. Divirta-se!


Long story short.Out of my old group of 8 people, I now barely talk to… 3. Sometimes 4.¹Welcome back. It’s good to see you again. It’s been a while. It’s so weird. It’s just… weird. That moment you realize how your mental state simply deteriorated in the span of, what,

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We Had to End It

I think it’s finally time to clarify everything that happened since my last post. There’s nothing between me and Claire except for a good friendship. Everytime I indirectly told her my intentions she changed topics, or gave me the typical answer “oh”. I guess we all know what that means,

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